PE and Fitness


Our physical education (PE) and fitness curriculum is intended to enable our students to take part in competitive sport as well as other physically-demanding activities. We are steered by the National Curriculum and use its guidance to ensure we provide opportunities for students ‘to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness’ (NC page 260).

We believe that a valuable PE and fitness curriculum enables students to excel and feel successful. We see physical activity as being essential for positive mental health as well as having physical benefits and we encourage our students to become involved in a range of different sports and physical activities.

Our intention is that during their time at the school, students will gain greater knowledge, skills and understanding of the following key PE and fitness concepts and learning:

⦁ Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities including football, basketball, boxercise, dodgeball, cycling, athletics, weight training and fishing;
⦁ Be physically active for sustained periods of time (at least 3 hours a week);
⦁ Engage in competitive sports and activities;
⦁ Lead healthy and active lives.


All students have two lessons of PE and one lesson of fitness each week.

At Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to undertake a BTEC or a GCSE in sport or physical education plus some students may choose to study a sport course at one of our Alternative Providers.

Students can also take part in 1:1 fitness sessions with a qualified instructor as part of an individualised programme of study when relevant.

We are keen to ensure that the teaching of reading is explicit in all areas of the curriculum: in PE and fitness we endeavour to support reading with the acquisition of PE and fitness related vocabulary via displays in both the sports hall and the fitness suite.


We monitor the impact of our teaching of PE and fitness through in-class assessments at Key Stage 3 and through exam board led assessments at Key Stage 4 as well as via our monitoring of the Quality of Education throughout the school.