Our English curriculum is intended to provide students with essential language skills to be able to function in society with confidence and competence. We are steered by the National Curriculum and use its guidance to ensure students can ‘speak and write fluently so that they communicate their ideas and emotions to others and through their reading and listening, others can communicate with them’ (NC page 14).

We believe that a high-quality English curriculum encourages students to develop their competency in speaking and responding appropriately within a range of contexts; stimulates a love of reading; gives ample opportunities to enhance writing skills for transcription and composition; and supports the learning of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Our intention is that during their time at the school, students will have greater knowledge, skills and understanding of the following key English concepts and learning:

⦁ Reading: read easily, fluently and with good understanding; develop a habit of reading widely and often; increase their vocabulary banks; and be able to talk confidently about what they are reading;
⦁ Writing: know how to plan, revise and evaluate their own writing; be able to write for different audiences, purposes and for a range of text types; have a neat and legible handwriting style;
⦁ Speaking and Listening: be able to listen to each other; contribute successfully in groups; undertake presentations to their peers; and adapt their language for different social contexts;
⦁ Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: understand the key rules of written and spoken English language; and demonstrate this understanding in their own written and oral work.


In Key Stage 3, English is taught every day for an hour. Please see the English KS3 Curriculum Map for more information.

At Key Stage 4, students have the opportunity of undertaking an English qualification via an Entry Level or a GCSE programme of study.

The school uses the Sound Reading System to support the acquisition of reading. Please see the separate reading information sheet for more information.


We monitor the impact of our teaching of English through formal in-class assessments 3 times a year at Key Stage 3 and through exam board led assessments at Key Stage 4 as well as via our monitoring of the Quality of Education throughout the school.