School Council

At Orion Academy we believe it is essential that students are given the opportunity to express their opinions about their academy, to be heard, and to be taken seriously.  We want students to be an integral part of the development of the academy and subsequently involved in the vision of the academy.

The School Council offers students the opportunity to meet on a termly basis in order to discuss ideas and opinions, create action plan, and the chance to implement their ideas.

Students from each year group are elected to be a member of the School Council and attend meetings once a term. It is the responsibility of the School Council member to speak to their year group and gather any suggestions or concerns and put them forward at these meetings.

Becoming a member of the Student Council is an aspiration for pupils at Orion Academy, and is indicative of the sense of belonging that we hope each pupil shares with us. The positive contributions made by the pupils serving the School Council are recognised and celebrated, and are considered to be an extremely vibrant and successful aspect of our community.