Art Challenge – student

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In conjunction with The Gallery Trust, David Elliott (art therapist) is providing activities to try.

Week 2

Treasure Maps

In some stories, (Like ‘Treasure Island’) pirates sail around the world, stealing and collecting treasure and then they hide it on an island or in the countryside somewhere. They would then make a map so they could find the treasure again when they wanted it.


  • Who wrote the book ‘Treasure Island’ and which country did the author come from?
  • When was the book written?
  • What other books did the author write?
  • Who were the main characters in the story?
Activity 1
  1. Research on the internet, examples of illustrated maps, pirate maps and treasure maps.
  2. Print off examples of maps that you like and stick them together in a collage on a large sheet of paper.
  3. Write on the collage, what you like about each map or piece of a map that you chose.
Activity 2. Make your own map:
  1. Group or individual activity: list what you think a treasure map should include:
  2. Eg: mountains, lakes, a river, swamps, a beach, a bay for a ship, a cabin to live in, a volcano perhaps, dangerous animals or monsters and of course, the treasure chest or an ‘X’ marking where it is buried. Either draw or cut out from pictures the elements to put onto your map. If you want to, print off some extra pictures of the treasure maps found online and cut out things to add to your map: a compass, a pirate ship, treasure chest, dragons.
  3. Draw your own pirate treasure map on a large (A3) sheet of paper.
Activity 3. Treasure chest
  1. Print out the attached picture of a treasure chest onto A3 paper.
  2. Complete and fill in the picture using paints, or felt pens.
Activity 4. Your Personal Treasure Chest
  1. List 5 things you enjoy doing.
  2. List 5 things you are good at.
  3. List 5 good qualities that you have.
  4. List 5 things you can do to help other people during the week.
  5. Print out copies of the Treasure Sheet.
  6. Cut out 20 pieces of treasure. Write your answers to 1-4 on separate pieces of treasure, colour them in and stick them into your Treasure Chest

Week 1

Activity 1. Football

  1. Draw a football pitch on a large (A3 or A2) sheet of paper: perhaps find green paper and use a white wax crayon for the markings. If you’re using white paper, colour the pitch green and leave white lines for the pitch markings or add them in white crayon or paint.

  2. If you have a favourite football team: find their logo on the internet, print and cut it out, then stick it onto the football pitch you made. – If you don’t have a favourite team, search the internet and find one close to where you live.

  3. Find and print out pictures of your favourite players or team; print and cut them out, then stick them on the football pitch to create your DREAM-TEAM.

  4. You could also repeat step 3 to create your ‘NIGHTMARE-TEAM’, which could either be the worst players ever, or the team you fear the most.


  1. What skills do you think make a good football player?

  2. What personal characteristics are useful: eg determination. Think of some more.

  3. What makes a good team member? 

  4. Can you think of an occasion when you were a good team member? What happened?

Activity 2. Design your own football strip

  1. Print out several copies of ‘Design your own Football Strip’ and ‘Design your own Football’

  2. Choose a name for your football team- it could include your name eg Dave’s Wanderes, your town/village name, favourite animal (The Lions), or a personal value/attribute – Winner’s United

  3. Choose the colours you want for your own football strip and design a logo with the name.

  4. Now complete the football strip and football templates.

Activity 3. Finger football

  1. Print out the sheet for finger football players: 

  2. Colour the figures for two opposing teams

  3. Glue onto a sheet of light-weight card.

  4. Once dry, cut out the figures following the dotted lines including finger holes.