Art Challenge – Parent

In conjunction with The Gallery Trust, David Elliott (art therapist & artist)

Each week David will send out a simple drawing challenge for staff and students to do at home. Everyone completes the weekly challenge using whatever materials you have to hand – biro pen, pencil, paint brush, a stick from the garden or even your finger. You can use inks, felt pens, a finger dipped in coffee, digital drawing media and mobile apps, cut-out paper collage, anything. You can draw on the reverse side of a cereal packet, old newspaper, lined notebook, sketchbook, brown-paper or fine water-colour paper.Drawings can be a simple line drawing, a cartoon style, lose sketches, stylised like manga, or detailed drawing/painting; nothing is too humble to use, too humble to draw and every style, method or piece of work is worthwhile. If you’re really stuck have a look at the amazing website from Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene: www.sketchbookskool (yes, ‘skool’ with a ‘K’ – it’s part-based in Amsterdam).

For those who want to, there’s an extended element to the challenge to do each day, from Monday to Friday – with a break over the weekends.


Drawing is a very grounding and mindful process – holds you in the present moment, slows down thinking and heart-rate encouraging emotional regulation.

Week 2: Monday 18th January 2021

One drawing a week:

Draw the contents of your bag

Empty your rucksack/handbag/school bag onto the table, now draw the contents. 

Try this: do a continuous line drawing – once your pen/pencil touches the paper, don’t lift it off the paper until you have finished the drawing! You can run the pen/pencil back over a line, or several passes back and forth creating a beautiful lose, multilayered drawing.

Once you’ve done that, you can add more details and comments or titles onto the page. 

Then date and sign your drawing.

Here’s an example:

Continuous line drawing

One drawing a day:

Tuesday: Do a continuous line drawing of a cup or mug

Wednesday: Do a continuous line drawing of something on the kitchen counter

Thursday: Do a continuous line drawing of a dog or cat – use a picture if you don’t have a pet

Friday: Do a continuous line drawing of your favourite meal

If you do some drawing that you would like us to see ahead of time, send it to this email address:

Week 1: 11th January 2021

Part 1

One drawing a week:

Draw something you can see from a window in your home – looking out from a window, what do you see? Choose one part of the view to draw – not the whole thing: it might be a tree, a post-box, a garage. Just focus on one part of the view.

When you’ve finished, write the date, the time and your name, as a record of the drawing.

Part 2

One drawing a day:

Draw the same view every day on Monday to Friday, but vary it – draw the same thing but at a different time of day: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 6pm. Claude Monet did this when he painted haystacks – he did the same thing at different times of day to see how the light and colour change

If you do some drawing that you would like us to see ahead of time, send it to this email address: